The Art Bank Dalbeattie

The Art Bank Dalbeattie

The property was built in 1863 and owned by a local Draper named Samual Brown. It remained in his family until it was purchased by The Clydesdale Bank Ltd. in 1940. It was a bank until 1991, and a central part of the local community. Since then it has had 2 private owners, but over the last 2 years, it has been left to crumble, unloved.
It now has an owner who loves it and is going to reclaim its place as a central part of the local community by creating hospitality accommodation and local jobs.

Imagine yourself in one of the three themed luxury bedrooms.

Away from the hustle and bustle of life and whatever shackles currently hold you back. Exploring your creative power for seven whole days.

All of your meals catered using local Scottish produce. Luxury facilities within a warm, friendly family home.

A dedicated studio/workshop for us to create together during the retreat. A social space for mealtimes and to gather with all of the retreat attendees in the evenings.

Space to become the Queen that I know you are!


I wanted to capture some ‘before’ pictures of the new house with my amazing photographer Natasha Holland.

Spending a day at the house talking about my plans for each and every room enabled Tash to take some authentic snaps and pick up some of the beautiful details.


With the help of some wonderful contractors and Friends of the Art Bank, we’ve been able to transform it into a place of beauty.