The Art Bank Dalbeattie

The Rooms

The Picasso Room

Mandy chose this room to portray Pablo Picasso because of its stunning dual aspect rooftop, street, and mountain views. With an arched window and a large roof window the feel of the room is almost cubist in style.

Lovingly renovated and painted in colours matched to two of Picasso’s paintings, the room is bright and interesting.

The Picasso room has been designed for the Queen who is filled with original, big, bold ideas but doesn’t yet know how to present them to the world.

You have felt shackled by your responsibilities in life.

You know inside that you are brimming with brilliance, but you have been held back either by people, society, or both!

You want to explore in an unabandoned way, with no judgement and no boundaries.

This room will trigger your creativity with its dedicated spaces, murals, and colourful design.

There are books about artists; a journal for you to capture your learning daily and all the art equipment you need to create your masterpiece.

You will make a promise to yourself on arrival, and you will leave having fulfilled that promise.

This week is all about your journey into your zone of genius and you will experience exponential growth, as will the rest of us as we see you blossom.

When you open the door to this room, it will feel like taking the first step to the rest of your life.

The Van Gogh Room

Mandy’s inspiration for this room was more than just the artist, it was the contrast between light and dark depicted in his work.

With a rooftop, street, and mountain view from the large window you can ponder both sides of you.

This room has been designed for the Queen who is at war with herself. Every hero’s journey has a light and dark side, just like Van Gough.

In this room your will learn to embrace your dark side and switch up the volume on your light. As you sit in your golden sunflower coloured throne and admire the swirling Starry Night, you will be making plans.

Your Queen will be experiencing a power struggle as she is pulled towards her darkness, but ultimately her light saves her.

When you open the door to your room you will also open your mind to new possibilities and what was once shrouded in blackness will now be illuminated.

The Monet Room

Mandy wanted this room to pack a punch of sheer beauty in its design and colour scheme. With rooftop and mountain views that seem endless, you can think and feel deeply cocooned by soft pastels and water lilies.

This room has been designed for the Queen who has worked hard on herself for so many years.

Your Queen has mastered forgiveness and gratitude and rules herself well.

Still, she wants to go further, she wants to be the best Queen that she can be.

She wants to win the richness of living in her absolute potential.

The tools to help you meditate and relax are present and this will be the week that changes everything.

When you open the door, you will encounter your Kingdom and when you leave you will be ready to rule in a way that changes all who cross your path.

Happy Visitors

As soon as I entered the Art Bank Retreat I felt very comfortable. It is a bright and happy place and the host is amazingly helpful and delightful. I have loved the food and the room was amazing. Will definitely return for a longer period.
I had the most fabulous time at Mandy’s art retreat. I would highly recommend Mandy’s retreats if you love art and you love a relaxed atmosphere where you can unwind and create in a beautiful environment. I’m in awe at how stunning the art bank is - the work Mandy has put into renovating the house - a project full of love and Mandy’s obvious passion for wanting to run these fabulous retreats to help artists. Thank you so much, I shall be coming back!
Wow what a weekend at the Art Bank, hosting by Mandy!! Every moment was special, thought-out and gave me space to connect with my emotions. Space to get to know the other guests, be creative and allow me to let go!!